Play Dates

Date Market Theater
May 20, 2004 Seattle, WA Seattle Film Fest
June 20, 2004 Maui, HI Maui Film Fest
July 23, 2004 Miami, FL  
August 6, 2004 Rochester, NY Dryden Theater
August 13, 2004    
August 20, 2004 Hopland, CA Solfest
August 23, 2004 New York, NY SohoHouseNY
September 12, 2004 Boston, MA Boston Film Fest
September 25, 2004 Norfolk, VA Energy Fest
October 1, 2004    
October 2, 2004 North Bay, CA Ecofest
October 8, 2004 Los Angels, CA Nuart
Landmark Theatres
  Irvine, CA Regal University Town Center 6
October 15-28, 2004
Lincoln, NE The Ross
October 17, 2004
Burlington, VT Vermont International
Film Festival
October 22, 2004
Ithaca, NY Finger Lakes Film Festival
October 29, 2004    
November 5, 2004
Special Events
Washington, D.C. E Street
Landmark Theatres
November 6, 2004
Special Events
San Francisco, CA Green Festival
7 PM. Open only to people registered at the Green Festival, either as Exhibitors or visitors.
November 12, 2004 Seattle, WA Varsity
Landmark Theatres
  Berkeley, CA Act I & II
Landmark Theatres
Special Events San Francisco, CA Lumiere/Opera Plaza
Landmark Theatres
  San Rafael, CA The Smith Rafael Film Center
Special Events Portland, OR Cinema 21
Special Events Salem, OR Salem Cinema
Special Events Eugene, OR Bijou
  Corvallis, OR Avalon
ONE DAY ONLY! Detroit, MI D.D.I.F.F.
November 19, 2004 New York, NY Village East
  San Diego, CA Ken
Landmark Theatres
November 26, 2004    
December 1, 2004
Charlottesville, VA Virgina Film Festival